domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Un 20% de descuento en la compra de cualquier fragancia de 50 o 100 ml de las marcas que importa Moure y Cía –Kenzo, Givenchy, Tous, Hermés, Jesús del

Un 20% de descuento en la compra de cualquier fragancia de 50 o 100 ml de las marcas que importa Moure y Cía –Kenzo, Givenchy, Tous, Hermés, Jesús del Pozo y Bvlgari, entre otras- se podrá obtener al traer un frasco vacío de perfume, en las tiendas Falabella.

Esto, en el marco de una novedosa campaña de reciclaje de envases liderada por Moure y que va en ayuda de los niños de Coaniquem y que además ayuda a evitar el relleno ilegal de estos productos.

La iniciativa se extenderá desde el 27 de Julio hasta el 16 de agosto y también se hará extensiva a las perfumerías Moure ubicadas en Paseo Los Domínicos, Paseo Quilín y Mall Arauco Maipú.

miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

In the future, the second car of the family will be a electric car

For Luis Padial, member of the Cabinet Secretariat of State for Energy, the electric vehicle will bring great benefits. Among them, solve the energy dependency of Spain, help diversify the power generation and enhance the indigenous production. In addition, in 2020 to absorb 10% of electricity supply. But "to this day, the electric vehicle is not for the heat," he said. Much remains to be done to stimulate demand, which can be achieved with the increase of charging points, more information on this and favoring the use of environmentally friendly car from local authorities. On the problem of the batteries, the bottle is half full. "There is room for research in the medium term," said Padial aware that "electric vehicles represent an opportunity from the standpoint of industry and technology."

A shared vision of sectoral policies deputy director of Industry, Timoteo de la Fuente. Some automotive brands and develop hybrid and electric vehicles, which means to be making inroads. But despite being much more efficient than internal combustion engine, the energy use of an electric vehicle engine is around 70%, while the combustion is 17% - the burden of their lack of autonomy makes the car Power does not come off second vehicle profile restricted to urban use.

The experts recalled that the population is concentrated in the cities and the needs of drivers in the city, 50% traveled less than 20 miles a day, fit into the range of 150 kilometers. "It would suffice to charge once a week," says de la Fuente. "The goal is to have 350 000 recharging points in 2014, and a million electric vehicles (250,000 electric and 750,000 hybrids), but today there are 24 million cars on the street," he said.

A low demand and high price [around 30,000 euros] joined other technological challenges that will affect the future of mobility, such as the manufacture of batteries. Although the EU looks to electric car in his plans to promote clean energy, we will continue improving the efficiency of the combustion engine, while the electric vehicle is developed long term, as stated by the Deputy Head of Unit address general mobility and transport in the EU, Franz Soldner.

domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

teclados de silicona para macbooks

2 protectores de silicona transparentes con protector donde se apoyan las muñecas, especialmente hechos para los teclados en ESPAÑOL de nuestros Macbooks (enter es una L al reves)......ambos estan completamente nuevos...
- 7mil No conversables (rojos)
- 9mil No conversables (Transparentes)...

jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Como construir un panel solar

Las características de este panel solar son, 60w de potencia, 3A de corriente y 12v de tensión, por poco más de 70 €, cuando uno en tiendas de estas mismas características supera perfectamente los 400 €, nada que envidiar vamos.

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Apple has suffered a kind of evil eye with iPhone 4, as the accumulation of nonsense associated with its new terminal seems to be endless.

Someone might start thinking that Apple has suffered a kind of evil eye with iPhone 4, as the accumulation of nonsense associated with its new terminal seems to be endless. Curious is as well that all this would not affect their sales. Now it is the turn of the Bumpers, silicone protectors that Apple gives to all owners of iPhone in April, to solve the problem of loss of coverage. It turns out that many iPhone users are sending four complaints to Apple Bumpers related scratches. Removing the bumper to clean the phone many users have noticed your phone scratched at the ends.

The story with the Bumpers does not end there, because for Nick Bilton, one of the editors of The New York Times, these silicone sleeves are not very effective. He himself proved when he recently accidentally your iPhone in April fell to the ground and saw its screen is cracked on all sides. This has two obvious explanations, the first is that although the Bumper translation is something like "bumper" not protected enough and falls lottery may ruin our phone in a second. The second explanation is that the new iPhone screen 4 is a priori much more resilient than previously employed polycarbonate. However, it is stronger if we talk about scratches, because when the four broken iPhone screen, it is in pieces and in different areas, that when the polycarbonate lie fell, suffered a small cut into the glass.

So be very careful in thinking that the bumper is a bulletproof vest for our iPhone in April, be careful with the terminal fall seems more fragile than we were told. So far Apple has not made any statement regarding the Bumpers.

lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

quimica - chemistry: The Coda Automotive all-electric sedan

the handful of electric vehicles that FedEx is testing are wonderful, offering sufficient range and one-third the operating cost.

But because an electric truck costs three or four times more than a conventional truck, FedEx's worldwide fleet of all-electrics is only 19 out of about 40,000 trucks.

"We want those trucks. We believe in energy independence," said Jackson, vice president of FedEx environmental affairs and sustainability. "We have a deep belief in electrification, but the capital (needed) has inhibited us to what we have now."

So it goes for so many consumers and businesses considering electric vehicles. The smooth and peppy acceleration of electric motors makes for a good driving experience, fueling up is cheaper, and owning a plug-in reduces imported oil and carbon emissions.

But for electric vehicles to break out beyond early technology adapters, battery prices need to fall dramatically--to about half where they are today in the coming years--said auto executives at the Fortune Brainstorm Green conference here. Cost reductions are expected to come from higher scale manufacturing and technology improvements.

"By mid-decade I have high confidence that we (as an industry) will establish (battery) cell production in the U.S.," said Tony Posawatz, the vehicle line director for the Chevy Volt. "The simple fact of producing cells with shorter transport takes likely hundreds of dollars out of the cost of pack."

Overall, the sentiment at the conference is that electric vehicles, although still not a mass-market product, are going to make a commercial impact. The question is how quickly cost reductions can spur sales, with some more confident than others.

"Within a very short period of time, we can get to parity with gasoline vehicles on the curve we've seen (of battery improvements) over the last 10 years," said Li Lu, one of the investors in BYD, a Chinese company that plans to bring an electric sedan to the U.S. "There will be a time that people will say, 'Why do we bother with gasoline cars?'"

Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, is one of the investors in BYD, which has been manufacturing batteries for electronics for years. BYD, which is testing electric taxis in China, is said to have developed a car with a 200-mile range.

Too much attention for EVs?
One of the main drivers for electric vehicles is the lower emissions they promise as compared with gasoline engines. By making power generation cleaner, there is the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from autos by 75 percent by going electric, said David Sokol, who is chairman of Berkshire unit MidAmerican Energy Holdings and is considered a likely successor to Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway.

But not everyone believes that electric vehicles deserve all the attention they get, particularly when it comes to government incentives and subsidies. Vinod Khosla, who is perhaps the most high-profile green-tech investor, is putting money into biofuels and improvements to the internal combustion engine, which could become 30 percent to 50 percent more efficient.

"I believe (biofuels) is the single most economic way to get to low-carbon transportation," he said at the conference. "All this focus on fundamentally uneconomic batteries has reduced investor interest in improving the internal combustion engine."

FedEx is testing these delivery cabs in Paris. They are pedal-powered but assisted by an electric motor.

(Credit: Martin LaMonica/CNET)

Because of the higher costs of hybrids and electric vehicles, they are unlikely to meet the so-called "China price," or be affordable enough for consumers in India and China, where the bulk of new cars sales will be in the next 20 years.

In the U.S., automakers are testing their cars to find what works and doesn't with customers. BMW for the past several months has been testing the Mini-E with customer and found that the 100-mile range is sufficient for most drivers, but that the task of installing charging stations needs to be streamlined significantly, said Tom Baloga, vice president of engineering for BMW North America.

Nissan will start taking orders for the all-electric Leaf later this month and General Motors has started manufacturing battery packs for the Volt, which will go on sale later this year. The Leaf will cost $33,000 before state and federal incentives.

Start-up Coda Automotive will begin selling an electric sedan with a slightly longer range than the Leaf in California later this year. Coda's sedan will cost around $35,000 after state and federal subsidies. When cost of fuel is considered into the equation, the Coda sedan is the equivalent of buying a compact that costs just less than $30,000, according to Coda CEO Kevin Czinger.

"When talking to potential customers, we have to be transparent about whether the car is for them," said Czinger. Coda plans to have applications that consumers to fill out to calculate daily driving and monthly fuel costs. "We want it to be priced for everyday people and for everyday use."

The Coda Automotive all-electric sedan, which is set for release in the fourth quarter, can go about 100 miles on a charge and will cost about $35,000 after subsidies.

domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Endesa prevee poner puntos de recarga eléctrica en los parkings de los centros comerciales

Los coches eléctricos cada vez tienen más presencia en las ciudades, lo que abre un nuevo mercado para las compañías eléctricas, ya que estos automóviles -que se abastecen con electricidad en lugar de gasolina- necesitan de unos postes de recarga para su funcionamiento. En esta línea está trabajando Endesa, que ya cuenta con estos puntos llamados electrolineras en ciudades como Madrid, Valencia y Sevilla y que ahora está estudiando instalar en Córdoba en los aparcamientos públicos. El director de Endesa en la provincia, Alfredo Rodríguez, aseguró que la compañía "está al servicio de todos los ayuntamientos que los soliciten" y, aunque el Consistorio cordobés todavía no ha hecho ninguna propuesta, la idea de Endesa es presentar su propio proyecto al igual que ha hecho en otras ciudades españolas. La explotación de estos puntos -que se conocen como electrolineras- no tiene por qué recaer en Endesa ya que la liberalización del mercado permite ahora elegir la compañía. En este sentido, Rodríguez apuntó que la idea de la eléctrica que representa es hacerse cargo de los puntos de recarga en Córdoba, pero que el Ayuntamiento tendrá la última palabra.

En caso de prosperar la propuesta, los aparcamientos que podrían contar con este sistema serían el ubicado en la avenida de la Victoria, los del Vial Norte o el parking de Puerta Sevilla. Según los datos facilitados por las empresas automovilísticas especializadas en este tipo de motor, en Córdoba hay aproximadamente unos 300 coches híbridos, que necesitarían de estas recargas. Además, es la provincia española con mayor flota de taxis de este tipo, ya que aproximadamente el 10% del parque público cuenta con estos motores. Una de las grandes ventajas de los híbridos es que permiten aprovechar un 30% de la energía que generan, mientras que un vehículo convencional de gasolina tan sólo utiliza un 19%. Esta mejora de la eficiencia se consigue gracias a las baterías, que almacenan energía que en los sistemas convencionales de propulsión se pierde.

La implantación de los postes de recarga es una realidad en grandes ciudades como Barcelona, donde habrá 400 puntos a finales del año que viene, o en Valencia, donde hay contabilizados un centenar. La intención de El Corte Inglés, por ejemplo, es incluir un poste de recarga gratuito en los parking de todos su centros comerciales y en los establecimientos de El Ejido (Almería) o en Murcia ya es una realidad. Además de Endesa, Iberdrola Repsol, ACS, FCC o Acciona están tomando posiciones y preparando alianzas para abordar experiencias pilotos en esta primera fase. En Málaga, Endesa junto a otro grupo de instituciones lidera un proyecto único en España que tiene como objetivo precisamente estudiar fórmulas para reducir el consumo eléctrico.

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El utilitario eléctrico City, del fabricante noruego Think, es el líder del mercado español de turismos eléctricos al haber matriculado 15 unidades en

El utilitario eléctrico City, del fabricante noruego Think, es el líder del mercado español de turismos eléctricos al haber matriculado 15 unidades en el primer semestre del año, con una previsión para el final del ejercicio de 230 unidades más.

Think City, el eléctrico más vendido

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Last news of the electric cars

Foto de archivo de un Fisker Karma

Foto de archivo de un seat Ibiza Ecomotive

Foto de archivo de un Toyota Prius
Vitoria undisputed Toyota Prius, among which a Seat Ibiza Ecomotive sneaks led by Antonio Zanini, plus an outstanding eighth place for the electric Tesla, an electric three participants in this event capable of rising to more than 500 miles of test, scoring for the championship of the FIA.
But the Basque Country currently not only starred in this Eco Rally, because from Amsterdam came the news that the City Council has asked the consortium "Hirik, driving mobility" a study detailing the possibilities to implement the electric vehicle "Hirik 'that place in the Parque Tecnológico de Álava.
Electric cars for transportation off

In the opinion of Carlos Fernandez Isoird, Technical Coordinator of the project, Hirik "convinces the big cities" because it relies on the idea of "build fleets of electric cars for cities with the possibility of occasional use for specific shipments."
The basic idea is to rent these cars for a trip within the city and park after destination for someone else to use it again, explained the project coordinator.
Stock Photo of a car driving mobility Hirik

EFE / Arno Burgi

The electric car project "Hirik, driving mobility" (Mobility in city driving) is promoted by a Basque business group and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)).
This is a small size electric two-seater that can reach fifty miles per hour, with a range of 120 km and whose batteries can be recharged in twelve minutes.
The new vehicle will not require assembly as traditional cars, but its seven modules can be assembled in any plant in the world duty free.
In addition to four wheel steering, the vehicle will collapse when parking and space where it enters a traditional utility will enter three of this model.
The developers estimate that the first prototype will be ready next year and its retail price could be around nine thousand euros.
Plug-in hybrid vehicle

On the other hand, Fisker Automotive plug-in hybrid vehicles produce Nina at a plant in the town of Wilmington (Delaware, USA) acquired General Motors (GM) for an amount of 20 million dollars (15.5 million euros).
The resources for this operation of the Wilmington plant come from the 528.7 million dollars (409.2 million euros) of public funds that the Department of Energy of the United States has assigned to this maker of mobile alternative energy vehicles .
Stock Photo of a Fisker Karma

EFE / Tannen Maury

The purchase of this plant, which occupies an area of 300,000 square meters has been formalized through Liquidation Motors Company (MLC), the holding company established by GM in the bankruptcy proceedings.
Fisker, with this acquisition, will create about 2,000 jobs and plans to devote half of production to exports.
Fisker Automotive, founded in 2007, with headquarters in Irvine, California location is an American premium car company with a business management led to the production of environmentally friendly vehicles.
The first model of the company is the Fisker Karma, the first premium plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in the world.
Honda Motor second Japanese automaker, announced last week that in 2012 sold in Japan and the United States a hybrid electric vehicle and plug-in "in order to expand its line of cars with low emissions.
Honda, maker of the hybrid "Insight" which competes with the blockbuster "Prius" Toyota intends to make several models that combine gasoline and electric engine in Japan within a year.
Batteries that can be loaded at home

Honda hybrids on the market 'Insight' and 'CR-Z "but this is the first time announced that market an electric vehicle and hybrid plug-in", whose battery can be charged at home.
Seat in September will release a new version of its model green Ecomotive sales leader, the Ibiza, which approved CO2 emissions of 89 g / km and a consumption of 3.4 liters per hundred kilometers.
The new Seat Ibiza Ecomotive equipped with a 1.2-liter diesel engine with 75 horsepower, which incorporates the automatic start / stop or start and stop with energy recovery system and particle filter.
In this version with ecological benefits most competitive segment that fits the Ibiza will be a choice in the three forms of bodywork is marketed: the five-door, the sport coupe (SC) three-door and sport tourer ( ST) or family.
Photo of Ibiza Ecomotive Seat

EFE / Susi Sáez

The standard equipment includes electronic control systems Dynamic ABS, ESP, TCS + EBA, in addition to the wizard start assist outstanding loss control and tire pressure airbag driver, passenger and head-thorax.
The sales price of this version of the Seat Ibiza Ecomotive, part of the EUR 15 818 SC Release Reference finish and finish at 16 876 ST family of finish also Reference.
In the world of conventional car last week gave him with some ads, like the price of the new luxury sedan from Infiniti, the M37, the first step is at 51 614 euros.
This first step is complemented by the GT version or equipment in comfort, which is in charge EUR 55 355, and S, more sports philosophy, which reaches 57 952 euros.
GT and S versions can be ordered exclusively equipped Premium prices leaving 61 693 and 64 291 euros, respectively.
The range of launch of the Infiniti M37 equipped with a V6 petrol engine of 3.7 liters, develops 320 hp, can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 6.2 seconds, reaching an electronically limited speed of 250 km / h , consuming 10.2 liters at a hundred miles and emit 235 g / km of CO2. .
To this are added the diesel engine M30d scheduled for October, and the hybrid M35h for spring 2011.
Seat has also announced pricing for the new generation of Alhambra MPV, which will, in the fall, between 30 300 and 39 550 euros, even if you can place orders.
The range starts with a gasoline engine and two diesel. The first one has the 1.4 TSI (direct injection) of 150 hp. In the second cycle may be eligible for the same cylinder 2.0 TDI and powers of 140 and 170 hp.
All versions of the range are Ecomotive and Alhambra Ecomotive Technology, including the civil Start / Stop and the system of energy recovery, in addition to complying with the rules Euro5.
It includes the option of an automatic gearbox DSG dual-clutch six-speed Diesel in the two versions.
Stock Photo of a Toyota Prius

AP / Everett Kennedy Brown

The new Alhambra is available in two finishes: Reference and Style and offers a standard equipment from the basic version, which consists of seven airbags (two front, two side, two curtain and a driver's knee), control ESP + EBA, witnessed loss of tire pressure, among others.
On the list of options include sliding side doors and rear gate open / close electric, rear side airbags, Bi-Xenon headlights with AFS, the parking aid system "Park Assist and browser Seat Media System
Outwardly extending its length (4.85 meters) in 22 cm on the previous version, and the width at 9 centimeters.
The luggage compartment offers a capacity of 809 liters in the format with five seats, expandable to 2430 seats all killed.
The seats of the second-and third-row disappear underground, leaving the floor level, through the Easy-Fold system, easy folding
Volkswagen has announced the sale on the Spanish market in October, the new generation, one quarter, their Caddy commercial.
Fourth generation Caddy

The fourth-generation Caddy introduces six new engines, in which changes have taken place to reduce consumption by 21% compared to the predecessor.
In cycle power diesel fork runs between 75, 102, 110 and 140 horsepower, while fuel options are limited to TSI (direct injection) 1.2 liter with different powers of 86 and 105 hp, which is added 109 hp 2.0 EcoFuel
As seen most outstanding developments include the new front in the style of recent models of the brand as the pick up truck Amarok and T5.
The interior offers the solution of a removable second-row seats in all versions, in the case of five-seat version, generates a load capacity up to 3030 liters roof, which in the case of the Caddy Maxi reach the 3880.
The Caddy Maxi is equipped with flexible seating package "Plus", which can cause the load to the place where the passenger was extended to 3 meters and reaches to 4.7 cubic meters.
The new Caddy is available with a third row of seats as an option (standard on the Caddy Maxi Trendline and Comfortline) to become a seven-seat vehicle
Among the safety equipment and mechanical systems include ESP stability control, the DSG automatic gearbox six or seven relations, as well as restraint on the hill start and 4Motion AWD.
As for the engines,
The Caddy is kept available in the van and combi versions, designed for highly professional use, making up 70% in sales volume.
There will be three trim levels, Access or Startline, middle Trendline (replacement of the Life) and the upper Comfortline.
It will also be available at the leisure version Tramper, which will also have more long Maxi body.
The Abarth 695 launches in Spain

Finally, Abarth 695 launch in Spain, which qualifies as a limited special series, identified under the name "Ferrari Tribute."
With this special edition, whose sale price has not yet been set, the mark of the scorpion is seeking closer ties with the legendary producer of the Italian town of Maranello.
The 695 Abarth "Tribute Ferrari", which takes the body of the city 500, equipped with a 1.4 Turbo T-Jet 16-valve cylinder head, which delivers an output of 180 hp.
The engine is combined with a change Abarth Competition MTA (Manual Transmission Automated), electro-hydraulically operated and two operating modes: manual and automatic.
The 695 Abarth "Ferrari Tribute" is distinguished externally by the special body colors: red Corsa, Modena yellow, blue and gray titanium Abu Dhabi.
It added carbon side mirrors, chrome rims and gray front air intakes, xenon headlights with dipped beam function and road, and sides, are drawn the symbols of this unique series.
The interior features leather seats and Alcantara, with housing and carbon pad base, while the steering wheel, three-spoke leather base is flat. EFE

The photograph illustrating this information is file
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