miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010

Playing with silicone rubber


The thing started with one of these challenges "impossible" that usually throw Fernando department i + dy spur us to leave our security environment and therefore help us grow.

"We have to prepare a virtual barnacles" after the phrase began a search that has led us to experiment with the manufacture of silicone molds, a technique outside the sphere of what is cooking, with which we enjoy exalted as nursery the kind of plastic that is giving us a lot of fun in the final results in culinary preparations.

For centuries, the molds have been made of rigid metal needed smear of butter and flour.

In the 80 arrived and began the revolution in restaurants and bakeries replaced iron and aluminum by silicon, flexible material that makes hidrófofobo walls behave as if they were fully jacketed

and enduring temperatures up to 240 º c.

Sheets, forms more and more original, innovative tools, manufacturers of silicone objects strive ever more, but we wanted a perfect negative impression in 3D with barnacles, and that does not exist in the market, so we had no choice but to manufacture them ourselves.

We are fortunate to have friends like Monica and Fito, of Pecatta minute we always take this kind of artistic wrongs and taught us that we should use type of silicone for food use, as work and how to make molds. (From here, many thanks)

Virtual barnacles are probably the most serious preparation we have made of this type on their trays of sea mist emanating "painted" one on one with takezumi (an activated charcoal that we brought from Japan), cochineal (red ... ...) and silver white, in addition to prop Galician algae selected for the occasion.

After control of the technique will let your hair down and joke with some peaches cooked at low temperature with its güito juice and accompanied by a copy of the same bones of the prepared fruit chocolate truffle, we celebrate the centenary of preparing a Ermenegildo Zegna mixed bag in which he and other canapés designed exclusively for the event a police officer buttons tastiest ...

Until now we had only prepared molds elements that we had physically (barnacles, buttons, peach pits, olives), so last week we wanted to give a triple somersault and we went back to peccadillo for us to prepare a matrix of Makro lyrics, which presented its new model of management and those who enjoy a cookin show and a dinner that ended with petit four first photo post. The mascarpone cheese m of the dairy section, the carrot at the greengrocers, the mushroom-k building an exhibition that had by this time, the r of chocolate and port or out of the liquor section

lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

Jocamar distribuita in tutta Europa ampio tessuto non tessuto di base per tutta l'Europa

Jocamar distribuita in tutta Europa ampio tessuto non tessuto di base per tutta l'Europa che è ampiamente usato nel composito, poliestere e fibra di vetro industria.

Costruzione di mercato

modanature architettoniche
pannelli decorativi
scivoli d'acqua
vasche idromassaggio
vasche da bagno
piatti doccia
serbatoi per prodotti alimentari o chimici
cartelloni pubblicitari

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viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010

Silicon Rubber Muffin Pan

Silicon Rubber Muffin Pan

Silicon Rubber Muffin Pan which can be used in microwave oven and ensures long service life. These are non stick pans ideal for baking muffins and cup cakes without paper cup liners. These can withstand heating up to 450 degrees. The flexibility allows easy removal of muffins and cakes making baking a joyful experience.

Jocamar rozprowadzanym w całej Europie włókniny podstawowe dla całej Europy

Jocamar rozprowadzanym w całej Europie włókniny podstawowe dla całej Europy, które jest powszechnie używane w złożonym, poliestrowych i włókna szklanego przemysłu.


urządzeń Aerodynamica dla samochodów i ciężarówek
zbiorników i statków
ciała i wewnętrznych części

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domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2010

Twelve human cadavers and over a hundred bodies silicone rubber

Twelve human cadavers and over a hundred bodies shown during these days at the Palacio de Congresos de Badajoz, which offers visitors a comprehensive tour through the interior of the human body.

This is the exhibition 'Beyond your skin', which can be seen until Jan. 9, showing pieces in both windows and the natural, that have been plastinated, ie dried and coated with organic silicon by specialists the Universities of Murcia and Extremadura in order to be shown to the public.

Structured into seven rooms, the tour begins the section on human skeleton, continuing the reproductive, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and ends in the room dedicated to the nervous system.

Draws particular attention to a dissected human body in hundreds of pieces, their lungs tar that belonged to a smoker, and display cases containing embryos and fetuses at different stages of gestation.

The exhibition is complemented by information panels that highlight the human body trivia, muscles, arteries and other anatomical elements, and with projections of diagnostic tests and a bone scan or fertilization of an egg, among others.


Among the vital organs together this exhibition, there are healthy and others with conditions for visitors and check them affects the consumption of snuff and alcohol, or the consequences of obesity, with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles .

A group of students in a cycle of Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals of Badajoz were impressed with this show anatomical seemed "very interesting" and helps "strengthen" knowledge as highlighted in Europa Press TV two of them, Samuel and Esther.

In the same vein, the teacher who accompanied them during the journey, Wenceslas considered "fantastic" and that lets you see the "whole body" through "real bodies" and his opinion is "a brutal lesson in anatomy ".

This exhibition has been organized by the Musealia Entertainment Group in collaboration with the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Extremadura. You can visit in the morning afternoon and admission is 10 euros for adults and 8 children.

sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

Jocamar rozprowadzanym w całej Europie włókniny podstawowe dla całej Europy

Jocamar rozprowadzanym w całej Europie włókniny podstawowe dla całej Europy, które jest powszechnie używane w złożonym, poliestrowych i włókna szklanego przemysłu.


budowy łodzi
pola siedzenia
kadłuba strony
konserwacji i napraw

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jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

As its name implies, its function is to protect the nipple when you are breastfeeding.

As its name implies, its function is to protect the nipple when you are breastfeeding. The name comes from its shape, quite similar to that of a shell (I think it looks pretty good in the photo)

I learned of the existence of this device by the midwife in the birth preparation classes, taught us about (they were different) and told us they were recommended for those who we gave the chest.

I have the Phillips - Avent, which are the only ones they had in the pharmacy.

How are

The shells are composed of three parts (in the photo are only two, but the third is almost identical to the part where it says Avent, but without holes):

.- A piece of silicone (which you can see right)

.- A piece of plastic on top with little holes.

.- A piece of plastic the same as above but without holes.

The silicone piece fits with the other pieces on the bottom. As you see in the picture, the piece of silicon has a hole in the center, which would be where would the nipple. Depending on the function you want to achieve, of which I will then fit the piece of silicon with one of the other two.

Features shells

These shells have two functions:

1 .- Protect sore or cracked nipples.

Normally, when we give chest protectors worn inside the bra cotton so it does not escape us milk and your clothing. When the nipples are cracked or irritated "by use", for soft disks that are absorbent, can irritate them further. And if there are drops of blood, may stick to the disks, and the resulting pain to unstick.

With shells solve the problem. The silicone part fits behind in the plastic and placed on the breast, the nipple is inside the hole in the silicone pad does not touch the inside of the plastic, that is, is "on the air "nothing to touch it. As the plastic piece has some holes in the top, air enters and nipple "breathe", so it heals before.

The piece of silicone is soft and smooth, so do not bother the chest. Yes, it is a bit like embedded and there as to remove peel it off, but it is annoying.

That sort of petals in the part has a soft silicone pressure on the chest causing some output of milk. Not much, do not go thinking that you are going to run out of milk, but a little, which can ease the swelling of the breasts in case of long periods without feeding (which is why I put them on that night my daughter slept eight hours straight and felt her breasts as rock). The milk that comes is introduced in the shell so if you have set the same for a long time, from time to time, remove the shell and discard the milk. This milk can not be consumed.

2 .- To collect breast milk and later use

This is another use of the shells. In this case we would have put the other piece, which has no holes. Since it is going to milk the baby would have to sterilize the shells, as the bottles.

While the baby is nursing or while taking milk with a breast pump, you can put the car into the other and use it to milk that comes in a bottle feeding baby. According to the instructions, it's milk only comes out during this time, you can not leave at a later time.

I have not used to this so I can not tell you what this van. Anyway, I'm a little skeptical because the amount of milk that I leave in 40 minutes is not big enough to keep it worthwhile. But every person is a world so other people can do service.

If I used to relieve chest and it works. By not touching the nipple, is more comfortable, really. The wounds heal any better if you give them air. So often advise midwives when cracks, walk with their breasts exposed. But, of course, even in the privacy of your home, not very comfortable, mostly because they tend to escape and drops of milk dripping is not plan to go there. With the shells get the wound to breathe and at the same time, dripping milk.

However, the use of shells is a bit limited since, as directed, should be worn no more than 40 minutes because they can cause excessive pressure on the milk ducts. In any case, can not replace nursing pads because with them you can not go out. Have a certain size and the effect produced within the bra is a bit, say, artificial. It would not be me who go out into the street with them on.

As for the price I bought them with a pacifier and a cream so I do not know exactly what it cost me. He looked a little on the internet and are around 15 euros. I seem a little facets but, well, if they relieve, and relieve me something, take it for good employee

microalgae the future of the biofuels

"Genetic engineering" comes after years of human genome research at the molecular level. Much work had to researchers around the world to learn to "cut and paste" DNA sequences, so you can transfer genetic material responsible for certain desirable properties for a custom product. It required, among other research, the discovery of plasmids, small DNA elements used as vectors to transport genes, certain tools such as restriction endonuclease enzymes, real scissors specific DNA cutting enzymes and DNA ligases, glue for gene insertion cut.
In early 1973, Stanley N. Cohen and Annie C.Y. Chang of Stanford University and Herbert W. Boyer and Robert H. Helling of the University of San Francisco conducted the first genetic engineering experiment by using a technique known as recombinant DNA. Inserted into bacteria, plasmids containing genes resistant to antibiotics tetracycline and kanamycin. Then subjected to bacteria in culture plates to the action of antibiotics. As expected, most died. Only survived those genetically engineered to resist antibiotics. Genetic engineering was born and with it modern biotechnology.
Today it is accepted that the human genetic map consists of 25,000 genes. From your knowledge sparked a race to decipher the genetic code of different plant and animal species. In less than 10 years knowledge of genes of living systems rose from 25,000 to 60 million genes!

In the path of biofuels production fotobioquímica highlights the use of microalgae processing of environmental carbon dioxide into oil for biodiesel production. The algae grow extremely rapidly establishing itself as a source of biomass for biofuel production at the global replacement of current demand for fossil fuels. They also offer, through its cultivation in pools or tanks, the possibility of generating marginal in geographic areas with few natural resources.
The key ingredient for the growth of algae is carbon dioxide, water and certain nutrients. Are in their final stage integrated projects in which water is recycled, mineral nutrients, both nitrate and phosphate are obtained by adding water in a 2% human urine and carbon dioxide it is obtained from the chimneys of the big companies such as cement or generating electricity.
The possibility of producing biofuels on a large scale alternative has several drawbacks. Thus in the case of microalgae, it is sembralas (Example: 2000 pools of 40 x 100 x 0.3 meters), harvesting, drying, oil extraction and esterification with methanol or ethanol to produce biodiesel.
After the pools would have to replant, which requires a parallel structure of seaweed farming. If harvested only 50% of them, this parallel structure would not be necessary, but not all have the same stadium and average amount of oil.
If through genetic engineering they could be modified to generate one-step biodiesel or octane (gasoline), on land not suitable for crops (desert) and consuming large amounts of carbon dioxide would be faced with a system that could easily replace advantageously the current renewable and maintaining the environmental balance.
A pioneer on the subject was John R. Coleman of the Department of Botany, University of Toronto, Canada. In 1999 he published jointly with Ming-De Deng's work Ethanol Synthesis by Genetic Engineering in Cyanobacteria.La cyanobacteria is blue-green microalgae. They incorporated, through genetic engineering, the genes that produce pyruvate decarboxylase and alcohol dehydrogenase extracted from the bacterium Zymomonas mobilis. The result is that the micro-algae as it grows and reproduces itself directly produces ethanol. This gave birth today, by patent, to Algenol Biofuels, which produces ethanol using the above technology. Biofuels Algenol recently partnered with Dow Chemical to build and operate a pilot plant consisting of 3,100 horizontal bioreactor for up to 4,000 liters.
In 2006 from a research "Microdiesel: Escherichia coli engineered for fuel production in the journal Microbiology, Rainer Kalscheuer, Torsten AlexanderSteinbüchel Stölting and the Institut für Molekulare Mikrobiologie und Biotechnologie of Germany, was inserted to the bacterium E. Coli producing genes of pyruvate decarboxylase and alcohol dehydrogenase of bacteria extracted from Zymomonas mobilis, but added the gene for Acinetobacter bacteria that produces an acyltransferase baylyi. The result is amazing. Biodiesel is obtained directly in one step. This development is continued later in the Joint BioEnergy Institute JBEI-U.S., becoming one of the three projects funded by the Department of Energy of the United States. Today the company Amyris, featured as seventh among the 10 most innovative biotech companies in 2009, plans to begin production of biodiesel on a large scale in 2011.
The star of genetic biofuels is Synthetic Genomics, founded by the renowned Dr. J. Craig Venter, is currently conducting research to modify genetically engineered to directly produce microalgae for both octane (gasoline) how biodiesel. Exxon Mobil is associated in the development and provided $ 600 million to accelerate the project. Any bet the future. Synthetic Genomics was highlighted as the second most innovative biotech company in 2009
The help of genetic engineering for production of fuels in a single step seems to tip the balance toward the side of biofuels at the expense of electric cars. The market for electric cars will cover a small percentage of the market for vehicles due to limitations such as non-renewable resources of materials to make batteries (nickel, lithium).
Genetic biofuels have enormous potential in the context of the bioeconomy. If genetic modification is performed on microalgae, you do not need land suitable for cultivation, seeded in pools or bioreactors can be utilized desert lands and salt water. Need for developing large amounts of carbon dioxide, allowing a balance between the proceeds due to the use of biofuel and high demand for the cultivation of microalgae. All these benefits must be added to obtain the biofuel directly, in one step, which avoids complex and significantly decreases installation costs.

miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

Lufthansa comenzará los primeros vuelos regulares de pasajeros utilizando biocombustible durante el primer semestre de 2011

Lufthansa comenzará los primeros vuelos regulares de pasajeros utilizando biocombustible durante el primer semestre de 2011 y con un Airbus A321 equipado con motores IAE (International Aero Engines).
Los vuelos diarios entre Hamburgo y Fráncfort serán los primeros del mundo que se realicen con una mezcla del biocombustible al 50 por ciento de Aceite Vegetal Hidrogenado (HVO). Las emisiones de CO2 que emite este biocombustible son reabsorbidas por las cosechas de biomasa con el que se fabrica neutralizando las emisiones de carbono.
os comenzarán en abril de 2011 y continuarán durante un periodo de seis meses como parte del proyecto “Burn Fair”, dentro de su programa de I&D, para estudiar el impacto a largo plazo de los biocombustibles sostenibles utilizados por la aviación. En este proyecto, Airbus ofrece asistencia técnica y monitoriza las propiedades del combustible.

“Creemos que hay grandes oportunidades de poder utilizar queroseno biosintético. Pero primero queremos aprender de la experiencia diaria. Lufthansa es la primera aerolínea del mundo que utilizará biocombustible en sus vuelos y este paso es un importante hito dentro de su estrategia para conseguir una aviación sostenible”, señaló Wolfgang Mayrhuber, consejero delegado de Lufthansa.

“Como pioneros en este área, estamos muy orgullosos de que nuestra tecnología diesel renovable consiga alcanzar los estrictos niveles de calidad que la aviación necesita”, declaró Matti Lievonen, presidente y consejero delegado de Neste Oil. “Esta tecnología tiene un gran potencial para el futuro”, añadió.

“Los vuelos diarios utilizando biocombustible son un gran paso en nuestro empeño para conseguir una aviación sostenible en el futuro. Airbus ha juntado a los productores de cosechas de biomasa, refinerías y aerolíneas y, con el anuncio de los vuelos de pasajeros, hemos dado otro paso más para hacer realidad nuestro objetivo”, manifestó Tom Enders, presidente y consejero delegado de Airbus.

El HVO es suministrado por la compañía finlandesa Neste Oil bajo un acuerdo a largo plazo con Lufthansa. El combustible solo se produce a partir de cosechas sostenibles para garantizar que no compiten con las cosechas alimentarias, el agua o la propia tierra. Además, Neste Oil es miembro de la Mesa Redonda sobre Biocombustibles Sostenibles (RSB) y de la Mesa Redonda sobre el Aceite de Palma Sostenible (RSPO).

Airbus ha desarrollado un mapa de ruta para conseguir que los biocombustibles nativos y la tecnología asociada sean una realidad para la aviación, tratando de juntar a todos los participantes o a toda la “cadena de valor” de una forma social e industrialmente sostenible. Además de su colaboración con otras aerolíneas, como el reciente y primer vuelo con biocombustible realizado en Latinoamérica el 22 de noviembre, en octubre de 2009 un avión de Airbus realizó su primer vuelo comercial con una mezcla al 50% de GTL y, en febrero de 2008, un Airbus A380 completó su primer vuelo realizado por un avión comercial usando Gas-to-Liquid (GTL).

martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

Silicon Rubber Gasket

Silicon Rubber Gasket

High quality Silicon Rubber Gasket manufactured under the guidelines of our team of experts. These prevent gas or fluid leak by acting as a barrier between two surfaces. These find their application in various industrial applications and are of different types. Solid silicone gaskets are generally die cut or water jet cut from sheet goods. The hardness of solid silicone gaskets is better than other silicone sponge products. These are available at cost effective rates for our clients.

Jocamar rozprowadzanym w całej Europie włókniny podstawowe dla całej Europy

Jocamar rozprowadzanym w całej Europie włókniny podstawowe dla całej Europy, które jest powszechnie używane w złożonym, poliestrowych i włókna szklanego przemysłu.

Rynek Budowlany

profile architektoniczne
dekoracyjne panele
wanny z hydromasażem
zbiorniki na żywność lub produkty chemiczne

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lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

silicone rubber breast augmentation surgery she underwent to Sara Carbonero, girlfriend of Iker Casillas

The recent breast augmentation surgery she underwent to Sara Carbonero, girlfriend of Iker Casillas, revived the eternal debate about the beauty of women operated or naturales.Aquí a sample of 20 fine artists who can take their ease and their operations. http://thechemistrysideoftheforce.blogspot.com/

domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

LED luminaire glove with silicone rubber tubes

Turn an ordinary wool glove in a luminous glove in an original way. Very useful for finding obscure and narrow in places where headlights will not fit, if not only the hand, or simply as an accessory.
LED luminaire glove with silicone tubes
Guante de luminaria LED con tubos de silicona

sábado, 11 de diciembre de 2010

Silicone rubber in Christmas house

With time, patience and this guide, you can add a personal touch to your home.

The holiday season and the arrival of Christmas can become an excuse for the family to make displaying creativity and ingenuity, and make your own decorations.

Josefina Gómez de Espinoza, an expert in creating Christmas ornaments and professor of Art and Hobby Crafts, how to do step by step a Christmas light.

"The only thing to do at exactly are the puppets and the rest of the process, you can make changes, to individual taste."

Santa Corps

Print this box, extended to 200 percent, transfer molds and cut fabrics. Stitch, as indicated by the letters: a point A of the boot, with the body and thus to others.

Materials Needed

Based on a light wood, wool 'boucle' fabric 'fleece' tan color, green, black, red and paintings, teddy - shepherd short, cotton silicone (filled), colored thread, needle, scissors, and silicone gun .

Thing inside out each body part and give back.
Fill the body of Santa Claus with silicone cotton.

Stick to the face with the Silicone gun, nose, eyes and hat.

Thing and a body.

Paste the teddy on the edges of the vest, sleeves, pants and hat.

Wind 70 inches of wool on four fingers and tie a knot. Make as many as deemed necessary.

Paste the bundles of wool in the face of Santa Claus, using silicone gun.

Use blush to add color to the cheeks of Santa Claus and put the glasses.

And presto!

Paste the Santa Claus to the lamp and use accessories (tote bag, birds, branches gifts, Christmas flower and a small tree) to decorate the floor around him. Finally, put a bell on the tip of the hat.

viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010

19-USB Silicone keypad

19-USB Silicone keypad / keypad for laptop (60 cm cable)

Overview: compact and fits easily into your gear bag, briefcase, etc. with a nice durable structure Retractable Cable for comfort ideal for travel, home, office or Plug and Play and hot swappable USB port compatible with any PC or laptop is Windows 98/ME/2000/XP compatible with cable length: 60 cm

jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

custom silicone rubber bracelets


Today the use of such silicone bracelets have become quite fashionable, especially in young people talk about adolescents in particular, so that now there are many brands that use them to reach people, but behind all this? like to start advertising with the use of these bracelets that today many people use ...

As everything has a beginning, because these custom silicone bracelets are also, is where Lance Armstrong goes into action, tube the idea to use something simple idea that people come and you can use in order to reach more people , all with a purpose of solidarity in the fight against cancer, given the success they had from that time, many companies began to use brands to promote their products, artists, events, etc.

To the point where today it is normal to see people use up more on each wrist, delivery coming from associations, NGOs, schools, clubs, holidays and infinities grounds.
We can find these bracelets in many colors, sizes, designs, but what is striking are now finally using wristbands with fluorescent effects, although the latter are used mainly in holiday events that may be of great magnitude to occasional home.

Fluorescent Bracelet

We can find these bracelets in many colors, sizes, designs, but what is striking are now finally using fluorescent silicone bracelets, although the latter are used mainly in holiday events that may be of great magnitude to occasional home.

sábado, 4 de diciembre de 2010

Silicon Rubber Shot Glass

Silicon Rubber Shot Glass

Silicon Rubber Shot Glass which is easy to handle by the customers as there is no trouble of washing them. Apart from this being reusable these can be filled with favourite drink, freeze and pop as fully-formed frozen shot glass. These are attractive and cool and are excellent for use in parties and bars. These being made of food grade silicone rubber can with stand temperature between-14.5C to 230C.These are easy to grip owing to matte finish and distribute heat and cold evenly.

miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010

This reinforcement of silicone called Deflection

This reinforcement of silicone called Deflection is hard to contact and smooth the rest of the time, giving it an important feature to be used as a defense against the blows, and is the work of Dow Corning. Although this armor is made of silicone, is polymerized in sheets of flexible silicone with a distinctive and very unique molecular structure.

To explain it in some way, the molecules move freely within the silicon, but as soon as it hits, the molecules together to form a solid state.

Unlike bulky body armor, deflection is flexible, breathable, washable, and can sew, so you probably already have been incorporated into everything from jackets to shoes.




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